Saturday, May 7, 2011

What A Day

Friday, November 13, 2009

So Many Experts

We in the ClayNation have been a little bit sad lately. Clay has been largely out of the spotlight and we haven’t had a tour in (it seems like) forever! Christmas without Clay is just a bit less merry.

We have, however, had a little bit of Clay. The Gala this year raised lots of money for the National Inclusion Project. It was well attended by the fans – happily those with money to spend! We should be celebrating that fact. We should feel proud of Clay and of ourselves for our continued support and success.

Overwhelmingly, though, the response to the Gala this year was not celebratory. It was not proud or happy. What I heard and read over and over again was negative!
“Clay looked tired!”
“Clay should get rid of the spikes.”
“Clay’s voice is shot.”
“The tables weren’t set up well.”
“We couldn’t even see.”
“The lighting sucked.”
And then……………
“OMG, he’s singing Moon River!”
“What if that’s on the next album as he hinted?”
“He’s going to do nothing but covers!”
“I am not going to buy the next album!”
“What he needs to do is……………..”
“What Team Clay needs to do is………..”
“What Decca needs to do is………………”

I am amazed that this fandom seems to be full of experts on the music industry!

Then we had the surprise performance at the David Foster and Friends show in San Jose which brought more expert opinions. My favorite one was, “I am sick to death of UM!” (possibly paraphrased a bit)

Now Clay has blogged and what responses have I seen?
“Orchestra? That means more slow songs.”

We had a Tweet saying that Clay and Ruben will be touring together. And…..?
“OMG! I thought he was trying to escape AI. This will bring it all back.”
“Does he want to be the runner up forever?”

Yada, yada, yada……

My response to all of this is a little bit different. After such a long lack of Clay I was thrilled to see all of the Clack from the Gala. Poor lighting? Better than no lighting! Voice cracks? It was his voice! Loved the DF performance! I will never tire of hearing him sing UM and I thought it completely put to rest any concerns about his voice. The blog? He’s excited! He’s recording! There will be a new album and Clay is happy with it! If he’s happy, I’m happy. Oh yeah – the Tweet? Not really feeling any response yet since the rumor is unconfirmed. I will, though, go to any Clay tour regardless of who else is performing. I happen to like Ruben, but I’d go if Clay decided to tour with Kanye West.

I have read lots of concern about whether or not Clay’s fandom is dwindling. It seems to me the negativity that abounds may be a cause of that. I hope that there are still lots of fans like me – I am an expert on nothing about the music industry. I just know that I love Clay Aiken, I love his voice and I can’t wait to hear him again.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Googling Clay Aiken

Daily. Daily, I google Clay Aiken. Hoping for news. Hoping that Decca speaks to us, his fans. It shall come to pass but, my God, all this waiting is tough going. I know Clay is somewhere out there working whilst we wait. I am so proud of him and cannot wait to participate in the next standing "O" when he returns. And he shall return. Bigger than life and looking better than a body has a right to. After all, he is Clay.

most lovingly,


Thursday, August 6, 2009

A new name for BAF!!

Clay's Blog, 8-5-2009

08/05/09 New Day!

By now you've seen the new National Inclusion Project website and hopefully you are exploring it. One thing that you will come across as you are looking around is something that I am most excited about: the new Bubel/Aiken Founder's Award.

As the website states, it's an award that will be given for outstanding volunteer service to be given annually beginning with the 2009 Champions Gala on October 17, 2009. It was through grassroots volunteer efforts that the National Inclusion Project was started and it is through those efforts that we have been able to make such huge strides for inclusion nationwide.

The award will recognize a person or group who fully embraces the mission of the National Inclusion Project and makes an "above and beyond" effort to raise awareness and support year-round. The staff and Board will be choosing finalists from the nominations that YOU submit, and Diane and I will be selecting the winner personally each year from what I know will be a tremendous amount of qualified and deserving nominees.

You guys have been SOOOOO instrumental in making the organization as successful as it has been this past six years.. and we strongly feel it's important to recognize the folks who we all know have worked so hard. YOU!

Check out the new to learn about the nominating process and find the form to nominate yourself or other who you find deserving!

This news of the new website is very exciting for all of us.

(for those of you who were hoping for something different... sorry. Just be excited for this, and I promise we'll get you something else "soon"!)


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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Clay Aiken Lookin' GOOD and Havin' FUN!!!

All from Jimmy Kimmel and Leno!! And this isn't even a taste of the many times
Clay Aiken has been on their show !!!
For lots more and information about all Clay Aiken visit
also check out these sites for more pictures and video's!
and sooooooo many more!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Happy fan here. Clay Aiken fan, that is. I luff him.

I've been kind of concerned lately when I log on to the OFC. Seems fans are sparse, fans are sparse and interest is sparse. Soooooo, I've wandered around the ClayNation and have found Clay's fans roosting on their home boards. We tend to do that when news is sparse and Clay is in his resting mode. I hate Clay's resting mode but I guess the guy has to rejuvenate at times. Lord when he recharges those engines of his and re-emerges, it's katy bar the door. He always manages to surprise us and get us excited again. I love when Clay excites me. It won't be long now. I feel the buzz. Clay buzzes, yes he does. Where are you gorgeous guy? I'm seriously in need of a fix.

Well.... Clay Aiken Blogged...

The blog is public, so we will post it here too!
Let freedom ring!
Hi all.
I wanted to drop in and say Happy 4th to everyone. The weather in Raleigh is quite nice today. Hope wherever you are you;re able to enjoy the day and time with friends. In traveling for UNICEF these past four years, I’ve really been given a great opportunity to see first hand how fortunate we are in this country to have some of the rights we have. It makes celebrating the birth of our nation more poignant when I think about those in countries who don’t have some of the basic freedoms that we take for granted. If you see a service man or woman today thank them for the role they play (or have played) in making sure that the dream and vision that our founding fathers had 233 years ago has stayed intact.
Hope your holiday is great. Talk soon. c

and as always please check out all the information at Clay Aiken News Network

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