Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lucky Us!

In 8 more days we will, once again, be ensconced in the second row of the Shubert Theatre enjoying the funniest show on Broadway starring the most talented singer/actor/entertainer on the planet! Our little band of travelers made our way, from various cities, to the Big Apple last April. We hopped around and shrieked we were so happy to be together again. (See verra, verra old blog about friendships). For some of us, that was our first Spamalot experience and a wonderful one it was! We planned to see 3 shows and, after the first, wondered why we hadn’t planned on 5. Sadly, Clay was out for our Sunday matinee, but we were able to exchange our tickets for equally good ones for the Sunday night show so all was well.
Others, who are far better writers than I, have described the show and our own Sir Robin many, many times so I won’t even try to do that. I will, instead, try to describe my feelings. I had not been in New York since I was a child. My dad took me there and planted me in the apartment of his then girlfriend. She tried hard to impress – we went to the World’s Fair (oops – just dated myself big time!), saw Angela Lansbury in Mame on Broadway from 5th row center and even got a hair cut at Kenneth’s which was where Jackie O had her own hair done. I didn’t see Jackie, but I did see a fabulous side of the city.
Fast forward to April of 2008. We stayed at the Marquis – that of the wacky elevator system. We ate sushi, had dinner at Sardi’s and brunch at Tavern on the Green. My daughter put her hair up, donned a black turtleneck, and posed with coffee and a muffin at Tiffany ala Audrey. Again, a fabulous side of the city! Best of all though was Clay as Sir Robin (and the guard and Brother Maynard). Broadway is like no other legitimate theater. It is, after all, Broadway! Only the best of the best are cast on Broadway and there he was – our very own shared boyfriend, Clay Aiken. It was thrilling to me that both he and I were there!
And now, lucky us, we get to go back again. This time we have planned on 4 shows. We have one break for Canal Street planned – Christmas gifts, you know. No Marquis this time, we have rented an apartment from a wonderfully funny psychiatrist in California. He has given us lots of eating tips. He doesn’t get it – that we are not there to see the city, but to see Clay again. If we buy a bag of bagels and fill in all other food at Junior’s, I’m okay with that. If we don’t eat at all, I’m okay with that. I will be there to see Clay in Spamalot on Broadway! He will stay on until January
4th, but this is going to be my last trip. Every time Clay tours I go to multiple venues and when I get to my last stop of each tour I am filled with an overwhelming need to know when I will see him again. That’s what this trip will be like for me. When will I see him again? What’s next for Clay and me? He has hinted at a tour in 2009, but I don’t know yet what is next.
What I do know is that there will be a next. Jaymes said the best is yet to come and I believe her. A tour? TV appearances? A show of his own? A movie? How wonderful that the answer could be any of the above possibilities. Clay has infinite possibilities – he is that talented. And I am, we are - so lucky!
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