Monday, March 30, 2009

Celebrate Me Home!

When Clay performed in “The Work”, I was lucky enough to be there more than once. Each time I teared up when he began to sing “Celebrate Me Home”. I’m not sure why. It’s a pretty song, but was never one of my holiday classics. I think it was the word home that got to me. Here’s one line of that song – “It’s time I found myself totally surrounded in your circles.” I don’t remember that line in particular, but it certainly seems meaningful now.

Saturday night, for the first time that I know of, Clay was able to publicly be surrounded in the circle of gay and lesbian acceptance. I think that this is huge! We, as fans, know some of Clay’s struggle for acceptance. I am positive that we don’t know all of it, nor should we. I suspect that acceptance in Clay’s inner circle of close friends and associates may have come sooner, but public acceptance? Yeah, that took a little longer.

Think of the fear that Clay must have experienced. Fear of letting people down, fear of losing friends and fans, fear of the letting go of dreams and plans he may have once had. We know he’s a pretty tough cookie. We know what he has been able to rise above. We know of the adjustments he’s been able to make in order to survive in a world of bullies and critics and the insane music industry. We’re so proud of him and many of us have learned from him when facing our own situations.

Bullies and critics and the “industry” are small time, though, when compared to acceptance of who one truly is. In the past year I think we have seen a happier, more open and more content Clay. We have seen that his self acceptance has allowed him to live without fear. We have seen him be able to be more trusting since he no longer is hiding a “secret”. We have seen his fans embrace him and his new self identity. Some folks weren’t able to do that, but most of us are right here where we have always been.

Saturday night at the GLAAD awards, we heard Clay say “our” community. He said it proudly and without fear of consequence.

It was a celebration of home.

by QBbabe

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clay Aiken to Judge ANTM

So how does one become a judge on America's Next Top Model?

See for your self the qualifications of listening, learning and delivering!

April 8th, 2009

montage by Suerue!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Clay to present award to Tyra at the GLAAD media Award


Clay Aiken will present the Excellence in Media Award to Tyra Banks at the 20th Annual

GLAAD Media Awards on March 28, 2009 at the Marriott Marquis. The GLAAD Media Awards

recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian,

gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and the issues that affect their lives. For

information on how to purchase tickets, please visit

Monday, March 9, 2009

Twilight and Clay Aiken

Robert Pattinson

Clay Aiken


Am I the last person in the Universe to read Twilight, the first in a series of, perhaps, really strange vampire stories?

Bella is the heroine of the story and Edward is the hero. I'll assume you know the rest. But! Is there no one out there who relates Edward to Clay Aiken? Bella could not look Edward in the face because he was so beautiful. When he spoke, his voice was so ethereal that she could hardly think or take it all in.

Have you met and talked with Clay Aiken? I have had the pleasure and unfortunately, he didn't bite me on the neck. ;) Clay is so gorgeous that even though I looked into his face, I cannot remember doing so. His eyes are mesmerizing. Do you remember looking into his eyes or do you just know that they are a beautiful emerald green. Can you remember what he said? Is his voice so mellifluous that the words just wash over you without meaning. Did you think you had died and gone to Heaven? Would you offer up the softness of your neck for his kiss (bite)?

Clay Aiken fans, affectionately call this state of mind the Aiken Fog.

Bite me, Clay. I wanna join your zombie horde. :)

Twilight is due out on DVD; March 21, 2009.... can not wait


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stay in Your Own Lane

That's something that the judges on AI say alot!

"Be who you are." "Showcase your strengths." "Don't try to be someone you're not."

I guess that works for a lot of the contestants - maybe even most of the contestants. Kelly's talent would be wasted singing lullabyes. Carrie would be ridiculous doing rap. I can't see David Cook doing country.

Maybe, though, just maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the judges are wrong to say that to the contestants. At least they were wrong once. Way back in Season 2 they wanted Clay to stay in his lane. They loved the ballads he did, but didn't give any thought to the fact that maybe he could do more.

Thank goodness for post AI! We now know that Clay can sing anything! We've seen him do rap, we've seen him do disco, we've seen him do country and bluegrass and Broadway! Sure, we're fans and we've said we would pay to hear him sing the phonebook. The truth is, though, that anyone with an appreciative ear can discover that Clay can sing anything.

What we, as fans, always hope for is a larger audience who can learn what we know. My own hope is that, as Clay moves forward in his career, he will not be contolled any longer by a label who wants him to stay in his lane. Whether he signs with 143, a different label or self produces I just want him to be able to sing all kinds of music so that more people will learn what we know.

Just sing, Clay! Sing whatever feels right for you. You don't have a lane anymore.

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word...


Sorry should be the word that Von utters for his rendition of Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word by Elton John which was brilliantly sung by none other than Clay Aiken on his cd, ATDW. Seems that Von failed to check it out before attempting to sing it on AI the other night.

Not only did Sir Elton sing it beautifully (he's one of my all time favorites) but Clay's version is simply beautiful.

I have no idea why Simon thought Von reminded him of Clay. Who knows why Simon thinks anything and for that matter who really cares. Perhaps because Von appeared to be a young innocent as Clay appeared to be back in 2003. Clay may have appeared to be young and innocent but we have found out over the years that young and innocent Clay had nerves of steel and tremendous strength of will. Shall I mention voice? No one compares. Have a listen to Clay Aiken and his beautiful voice singing Sorry....

by stargazer

Thursday, March 5, 2009

An American Idol wild card. Is being compared to Clay Aiken bad? Take a listen

Thank-You to Claymazing for this AMAZING Montage!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

These Open Arms by Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken Wild Card Night

In honor of American Idol Wildcard... reliving a great night

Monday, March 2, 2009

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